Mat Schramm
quick brown fox-Recovered.jpg

Screen Printed Poster

Screen printed poster designed and printed by Mat Schramm, graphic designer

Screen print: quick brown fox

Roles: design, screen printing


I designed and screen printed these two colorful prints to be colorful and dynamic, and hung together. The phrase is familiar to type designers--each letter of the alphabet is used once in this phrase and is used to preview each letter in a typeface. I love this particular type because it's bold and simple enough to stand alone in the "Over the Lazy Dog" print, and is still complementary enough to work with the energetic "The Quick Brown Fox Jumped" print on the left side of the set. The colors in each print are complementary colors on the color wheel, creating high contrast within each print, while the colors in the set of two prints are tetradic, creating a vibrant color scheme in the set.