Mat Schramm
Gilead Church Full Screen.png

Logo Design

Gilead Church Chicago logo designed by Mat Schramm

Logo Design & Branding: Gilead Church

Roles: logo design (concepting, art direction, illustration)

Two pastors in Chicago were planting a church and needed a vibrant logo and color palette for their blossoming church in Rogers Park. Gilead Chicago is hinged on two main concepts: growing and sharing food together, and telling real stories. Because of these two main ideas, I decided that the logo should be illustrated by hand and look a little rough-hewn. The color green is prevalent because of Gilead's commitment to grow and share a bountiful crop of grown veggies together. Photography plays a huge part in the brand. Because Gilead's members share real stories from their own lives, I wanted to be sure to include photography where appropriate so we're showing real life examples of Gilead in action.