Mat Schramm

IFYC Rebrand and Website Design

IFYC REBRAnd and website design

Collaborative roles: visual design, UX design, client project management

IFYC's website was built seven years ago and needed an update. Our brand's visual identity was about ten years old and was in even greater need of an update. Before the rebrand, our primary color palette featured dark purple and muted turquoise. Since IFYC works to engage religious diversity in pursuit of pluralism, we knew we wanted a more vibrant color palette and a logo that conveys active movement.


pride is everything

Every year, hundreds of students and educators come to Chicago to be trained to lead a movement for interfaith cooperation on their own campus. It's important that our t-shirts are pieces that students are proud to wear both at the event and back on their own campuses.

interfaith youth core motion graphic

It's about the intersection

People who participate in IFYC's programs come with a swath of various identity, and we love to highlight those intersections. Our new vibrant color palette allows IFYC to blow up sections of the logo and highlight the place where two different identities converge.



IFYC's mark was created with motion in mind. Winding multi-colored lines weave and intersect with each other, creating a graphic that looks like a city's subway map. I created this motion graphic using Adobe After Effects, laying the motion graphic on top of a city scene with people walking, talking, and interacting. In the back, a train passes through. Together, the graphic and video clip interact with each other to represent American civic life--encountering, even interacting with people whose worldviews are vastly different than our own. Interfaith leadership means facilitating these interactions and explaining why we so desperately need them.

IFYC Website

Roles: UX/UI collaboration, content writing, content buildout, project management

After launching the new website, the organization saw a 34% drop in bounce rate, 23% drop in homepage exit rate, and a 67% increase in engagement with the organization’s program-area content.

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Roles: Creative direction, photographer