Mat Schramm
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Screen Printed Poster

Screen printed Rutabaga Boogie Band poster designed and printed by Mat Schramm, graphic designer

Screen print: Show poster

Roles: design, screen printing


I designed and screen printed this print for a band I love who were performing a reunion show in Sacramento, California. I decided to make the guitar into the shape of the lead singer’s favorite guitar, a 65 Strat. Inside the guitar, I placed several photos of band members, both from their younger years and today, creating a collage of photography. Because so much is happening inside the shape of the guitar, I needed a lot of structure to the rest of the poster. So, I decided to make the layer of the guitar a textured, deep brown shade to create some negative space and add some depth. On the top of the poster is the name of the band, Rutabaga Boogie Band, along with the details for the show, and a blue bar over the top to add even more structure to the words and photo collage.